Welcome to Jiangsu Yijian Waterproof Material Co., Ltd., we will give you the most comfortable styles, allowing you to relax in fashion and find inner peace. Say goodbye to boredom and mundanity and let our clothing light up your inner passion and creativity.

Our passion for quality:
At Jiangsu Yijian Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd., quality is our cornerstone. Our products are crafted to stand the test of time, ensuring you experience comfort and elegance in every piece. With our own state-of-the-art factory, we have complete control over the manufacturing process, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of workmanship

Unrivalled expertise:
With over a decade of experience, we continue to perfect our art, creating pieces that resonate with modern fashion lovers. Our team of experienced designers, artisans and fashion enthusiasts work together to bring you collections that reflect both current trends and timeless glamour.

Fabrics you can trust:
95 per cent of our products are made from 100 per cent cotton fabrics, underlining our commitment to quality and sustainability. From cosy everyday wear to sophisticated suits, our cotton products meet your needs for comfort, versatility and style.

Create your individuality:
qiuxuanran  believes that fashion is more than just clothing, it's a form of self-expression. Our diverse collection ensures that there is something for everyone, allowing you to design clothing that reflects your personality and desires.

Global reach, personal style:
While our roots are deep in our craft, our reach extends globally. We're proud to connect with fashion lovers around the globe, offering not just products, but experiences that resonate.

Join the qiuxuanran. family:
We invite you to explore our collections and become part of the  qiuxuanran family. Experience the unique feeling of being valued and loved in our clothing because you deserve better!

Thank you for choosing Jiangsu Yijian Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd. and stepping into the ocean of fashion with us!